Caravan and camping sites

Our Private Sector Housing Team are responsible for the licensing of camping and caravan sites. Licences are issued to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the occupiers of the site.

Licence fees for mobile and parkhome sites

Local authorities can charge a fee for

  •  Considering applications for the issue or transfer of a site licence
  •  Considering applications for altering conditions in a site licence
  •  Administration and monitoring of site licences.

The fee for administration and monitoring of licences is an annual fee and in order to charge these fees the council needs to publish a fees policy. The fee levels have been calculated based on the estimated average time and costs involved in undertaking the activities involved.

In determining the amount of annual fee charged, the local authority will advise the site owner of any surpluses and deficits in costs from the previous year.

The local authority is not required to consider an application for the grant of a licence, a transfer of a licence or an application to alter conditions until the correct fee has been paid. If the local authority decides not to approve the application the applicant is not entitled to a refund of the fee paid.

Licence application form and fees

Sites exempted from annual licensing fees

Warwick District Council currently exempts sites that are not run as a business and are solely occupied by the site owner and their family with no element of financial gain.

These sites though, will be subject to a fee for the issue or transfer of a site licence and the sites will still be subject to the licence conditions and powers of enforcement.

Licensed mobile home sites in Warwick district

  • Heathcote Park on Harbury Lane, Warwick.
  • Broadwell Woods, Red lane, Kenilworth

Other sites

There are other licensed touring and residential caravan sites which are also inspected from time to time.

There are 4 touring caravan sites which are Caravan Club / Camping & Caravan Club approved, and thus do not require licensing. These are at

  • Warwick Racecourse (55 pitches)
  • Oaklands Farm, Beausale (5 pitches)
  • Pitts Farm, Shrewley (5 pitches)
  • The Croft, Haseley Knob (5 pitches)

Depositing of site rules

Site rules are made by the owner in accordance with the Mobile Homes Act 2013 and a copy of the rules is deposited with the local authority.

Any sites operating without a licence are illegal provided they do not have a valid exemption. Illegal sites will be subject to action by Planning Enforcement. 

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