You need a pedlar’s certificate if you sell door to door or in the street without a stall or fixed location. Pedlars can travel from:

  • door to door
  • place to place
  • town to town

In addition you must:

  • be on foot
  • carry your goods (although a small means of transporting goods may be acceptable)
  • travel to customers rather than allowing them to come to you
  • keep moving pausing only to make sales
  • sells rather than mends
  • not set up a stall
  • not remain stationary for long periods of time

Pedlar’s certificates are not required by commercial travellers, sellers of fish, fruit, or people selling at markets or fairs. A pedlar may sell foodstuffs. See our food licences page for information on selling foodstuffs and operating a business.

If you wish to set up trade in a particular location, such as a market place and remain static you will require a street trading consent.

Some local authorities have obtained private acts of parliament which prohibit pedlars from trading on 'designated streets'. In areas where such restrictions are in force a pedlar can only trade door to door and cannot sell direct to customers in the street. You should contact each local authority to enquire about any local restrictions. Warwick District Council does not have any prohibited streets.

A pedlar’s certificate is in no way an indication of the quality of the goods for sale.

Applying for a pedlar's certificate

Certificates are issued by the police in the area in which you have resided for the previous 28 days. You must be above 17 years of age, and a person of good character.

Once issued you are entitled to trade as a pedlar in any part of the UK providing the certificate remains in force. But you should note that in some local authority areas and across London, pedlary is restricted to door-to-door selling.

You must carry your certificate with you and produce it upon request. It is an offence to peddle without a certificate, lend your certificate to another or use another person’s certificate.

Policy for pedlar's certificates

There is no specific Warwick District Council policy for pedlars. We do provide advice.

Which pedlars trade in my area?

As Warwick District Council does not issue pedlar certificates we do not keep a public register.

Reporting problems with pedlars

If you find that you are being disturbed by pedlars you can report the problem to the Police on 101. If the concern is about the goods purchased please contact Warwickshire trading standards.