Housing audit - November update 1

Registered providers of social housing must meet certain standards on key aspects of compliance with the following areas:

Gas | Electricity | Asbestos | Water | Lift safety | Fire safety | Building Safety

Following the independent audit of our homes in September 2023, we have found that there are areas we need to address to improve the standards and service we deliver to tenants and leaseholders. As part of the drive to make improvements, the council has put in place a series of measures which include a new comprehensive action plan, a governance framework, councillor scrutiny and referred to the Regulator for social housing, the government body who will ensure we meet the legal and obligatory standards required.

The latest actions are set out below, and we’ll keep updating these as improvements are made, are as follows.

Gas safety

  • Improve data recording
  • Provide gas safety records to tenants and display in communal areas
  • New tenancy checks


  • Improve data collection
  • Refresh inspections for some buildings
  • Formal processes for the contractor


  • Schedule re-inspections every 12 months
  • Refresh the management plan
  • Record and manage remedial works
  • Improve material assessment scoring process


  • Improve data collection and record keeping of assessments
  • Establish written schemes of control
  • Improve documentation of risk reduction approach

Lift safety

  • Improve data collection and record keeping
  • Improve process and management controls
  • Improve recording of remedial actions

Fire safety

  • Improve data management
  • Desk top reviews of fire safety
  • Improve documentation
  • Better co-ordinate our approach

Building safety

  • Confirm registration of buildings with the Building Safety regulator
  • Continue with the safety case report project
  • Improve reporting
  • Improve resident engagement and complaints procedure
  • Attend training to improve knowledge and skills

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