The Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan was 'made' (adopted by Warwick District Council) on 16 November 2018.  This followed a referendum on the plan on 15 November 2018, in which 94% of votes cast were in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan.  The Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan will now be used in the consideration and determination of planning applications within Kenilworth (How does the Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan fit within the planning framework?).

The made version of the plan, and the adoption statement are available below:


The Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan was subject to an independent examination.  The independent examiner made a number of recommendations on the draft plan, all of which were accepted as set out in the documents below.  Amendments were subsequently made which resulted in the final plan above.

During the course of the examination, independent examiner Mr Matheson made a number of enquiries.  These enquiries, responses made, and any other correspondence are available below in sequence.

Previous steps:


Kenilworth Town Council as the qualifying body, has prepared a Neighbourhood Plan with the help of the community.  The Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan was formally submitted to Warwick District Council as the local planning authority, and has been the subject of a period of public consultation in accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations.  The consultation period ended on 18 May 2018.  The plan sets out a vision for the future of the town, and planning policies intended to be used in the determination of local planning applications. 

Copies of all representations received will subsequently be forwarded to an independent examiner, who will review the submitted Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan.

Pre-submission consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan

Kenilworth Town Council; as the Qualifying Body producing the Neighbourhood Plan; undertook a public consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan between 15 May and 08 August 2017. 

SEA Screening

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Opinion has been prepared in respect of the draft Kenilworth Neighbourhood Plan. This is available below along with the responses from the statutory bodies, all of which conclude that no SEA is required.

Neighbourhood Area Designation

Kenilworth Neighbourhood Area was designated on 17 August 2015. Kenilworth Town Council was the relevant body that applied for the designation. The Designation Notice and a map of the neighbourhood plan area are available below.

Kenilworth Neighbourhood Area - includes designation notice and application documents

All representations are available to view on the online consultation system.