The Leek Wootton and Guy's Cliffe Neighbourhood Plan was made 04 May 2018.  The final version of the plan and the adoption statement are available below.



Mr Andrew Ashcroft was appointed with agreement with the Qualifying Body to undertake an independent examination of the Leek Wootton and Guy's Cliffe Neighbourhood Plan.  His report on the Neighbourhood Plan has been received, and the Qualifying Body is considering proposed amendments prior to moving to referendum.

Previously the Examiner produced the following clarification notes:

  • LW&GCEXAM1 - Clarification Note
  • LW&GCEXAM2 - Clarification Note, Questions for Warwickshire Constabulary
  • LW&GCEXAM3 - Parish Council Response to Examiner's Questions

Consultation on the Submission neighbourhood Plan

Leek Wootton and Guy's Cliffe Parish Council as the Qualifying Body, has prepared a Neighbourhood Development Plan entitled 'Leek Wootton and Guy's Cliffe Neighbourhood Plan, 2011-2029'.

There was a six week period of public consultation which ended at 16:45 on Friday 13th October 2017.

Further information and the link to the consultation page can be found here and the documents can also be viewed on the Parish Council website (

All representations are available to view on the online consultation system

Neighbourhood Area Designation

Leek Wootton and Guy's Cliffe Neighbourhood Plan Area was designated by Executive on 5th November 2014. The parish council was the relevant body that applied for the designation. A map of the Neighbourhood Plan Area can be found below.