Barford Neighbourhood Development Plan - Made

The Barford Neighbourhood Plan was 'made' (brought into legal force) on 10 October 2016.  This decision followed a referendum held on 06 October 2016, in which more than 50% of those who voted, voted in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Examiner's Report

The report of the Examination into the Barford Neighbourhood Development Plan 2014 - 2029 is now available to view below.

Previous stages:

Barford Neighbourhood Development Plan submission

Consultation Documents

This consultation closed on 17 April 2015.  The Council will now work with the Neighbourhood Plan group to take the plan to independent examination. 

Pre-submission consultation

Barford Draft Neighbourhood Plan was published for a six-week period of consultation until 16 November 2014.

For further information, visit the Barford Residents' Association website.

Neighbourhood Area Designation

Barford Neighbourhood Plan Area was designated by the Chief Executive, using delegated powers, on 8th August. This decision was noted by Executive on 1 October (see item 12a). Barford, Sherbourne & Wasperton Joint Parish Council was the relevant body that applied to Warwick District Council for designation. A map of the Neighbourhood Plan Area can be found below:

Barford Designated Neighbourhood Plan Area - includes application documents.