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Royal Leamington Spa Neighbourhood Plan

Current stage:

The Royal Leamington Spa Neighbourhood Development Plan (RLSNDP) has now been amended in line with the recommendations set out in the Examiner's report (see below).  This final version will now be suject to a local referendum, and a 50% or higher 'yes' vote would result in the neighbourhood plan becoming adopted planning policy.  However due to the current circumstances it is not possible to arrange a referendum at this time. By law, the referendum cannot be arranged until after 07 May 2021. In the interim, the RLSNDP may be afforded substantial weight in the decision making process of planning applications within the defined neighbourhood area.


The Examination of the Royal Leamington Spa Neighbourhood Plan (RLSNDP) is now complete.  The Examination Report was received 30 March 2020.  The report recommends a number of modifications to the Submission Version of the Neighbourhood Plan, and concludes that subject to the modifications being made, the neighbourhood plan may proceed to referendum.  Warwick District Council has taken the decision to accept all of the recommendations within the Examiner's report, and the decision statement to this effect is available below.

The Royal Leamington Spa Neighbourhood Plan will now be amended by the Qualifying Body in line with the report, and the amended final plan will proceed to referendum at the earliest opportunity. 

Andrew Matheson was the Independent Examiner of the Royal Leamington Spa Neighbourhood Development Plan (RLSNDP).  Correspondence from the independent examination is available below:

Submission Plan

Royal Leamington Spa Town Council, as the Qualifying Body, has formally submitted the Royal Leamington Spa Neighbourhood Development Plan (RLSNDP) to Warwick District Council as the Local Planning Authority.  The submission RLSNDP was subject to a period of public consultation in accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations between 06 January 2020 and 17 February 2020

Copies of all representations received have been forwarded to the appointed independent examiner.

Pre-submission (Regulation 14) consultation

Leamington Spa Town Council ran a public consultation on the pre-submission draft of the Royal Leamington Spa Neighbourhood Plan, in accordance with Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations.  The consultation ran between 17 June 2019 and 12 August 2019

SEA Screening

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Opinion has been prepared in respect of the 'preferred options' draft Royal Leamington Spa Neighbourhood Plan.  The screening opinion is available below along with the responses of the statutory bodies.  It is concluded that no SEA is required.

Neighbourhood Area designation

The Royal Leamington Spa Neighbourhood Plan Area was designated on 14 September 2016.  Royal Leamington Spa Town Council was the relevant body that applied for the designation.

All representations are available via the online consultation system.