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The Warwick District Council (reorganisation of community governance) orders

Community governance review 2018

Warwick District Council is undertaking a community governance review of three specific areas within the District.

Following consultation on the terms of reference, the District Council is recommending to:

  1. amend the boundary between Royal Leamington Spa Town Council and Whitnash Town Council so that instead of passing through the site of Campion School, it runs along the identifiable boundary of the school site;
  2. subdivide the Kenilworth Town Council Wards of St John’s and Park Hill into four wards named, St John’s (4 Councillors), Borrowell (3 Councillors), Park Hill (4 Councillors) and Dalehouse (4 Councillors). There would be no amendment to the proposed Town Council ward for Abbey (2 Councillors); and
  3. increase the size of Norton Lindsey Parish Council from 5 Councillors to 7 Councillors.

The District Council wants to ensure Parish and Town Councils are reflective of the identities and interests of the communities in those areas and electors should be able to identify clearly with the parish in which they are resident. It considers that this sense of identity and community creates a common interest in parish affairs, encourages participation in elections to the parish council and leads to representative and accountable government.

It wants to ensure that as far as practicable the electoral area boundaries at all levels of local government are on clearly defined boundaries.

The District Council welcomes representations from any resident and interested organisation who may wish to comment on the recommendations.


The terms of reference along with the recommendations have been published for you to download. A copy can also be obtained by emailing, by calling in person at the Council’s Riverside House offices or by telephone (01926) 456114.

Warwick District Council is consulting with the relevant; Parish and Town Councils within the District, Warwick District Councillors, Warwickshire County Councillors and the Members of Parliament for the District. They will also be notifying the Local Government Boundary Commission for England and Warwickshire County Council.

The public are invited to send their views in writing to Graham Leach, Democratic Services Manager & Deputy Monitoring Officer, Warwick District Council, Riverside House, Milverton Hill, Royal Leamington Spa CV32 5HZ or by email to by 12 noon on Friday 16 November 2018.

Community governance review 2018 terms of reference and recommendations .