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Electoral services

Warwick District Council is responsible for maintaining the electoral register within Warwick district. 

Annual canvass 2020

We are now in the last stage of the 2020 Annual Electoral Canvass where we collect information to produce the revised Electoral Register for 2021. On 26 October, the Electoral Services Team posted out the final form to all properties that still need to respond to the Electoral Canvass. If your property has received this Canvass form, please respond immediately to ensure that details for the 2021 Revised Electoral Register are accurate and up to date as possible.

A text message has gone out to all properties across the District to encourage a response.

To all the households who have already responded to our communications; whether they have been through email, post or telephone, the Electoral Services Team would like to thank you for your support during this challenging period.

Find out more about the annual canvass.