Annual canvass

The annual canvas for 2022 will soon be underway. A form will be sent out to all Warwick District residential properties, by email or post, for confirmation of or amendment to those people registered to vote at the property. A response is required by law from all residential properties.

Find out more about the annual canvass.

Am I registered? 

Every individual is responsible for their own voter registration. To find out if you are on the electoral register call (01926) 456105 or email

How to register

To find out more, visit Voting in the UK

Change of address

If you have moved house, you need to re-register to your new address using one of the options above.

This will not automatically change your address for your Council Tax, please notify us separately using one of the forms found on our Council tax pages.

Postal and proxy voters

More information on postal voting and proxy voting.

Voter identification

From 4 May 2023, you will be required to show photographic identification at polling stations before you are given a ballot paper. Voter identification.


Find out more about registering to vote if you're a student living away during term-time.

Frequently asked questions

Elections FAQs