The deadline to register for a Proxy Vote for the 2024 General Election in Warwick District on Thursday 4 July has now passed. 

You can get someone else to vote on your behalf (a proxy) if you cannot go to the polling station in person. You and your proxy must both be registered to vote in the UK before you can apply.

Emergency Proxy  

An elector may apply for an emergency proxy on grounds below:

  • An elector or proxy’s photographic ID, Voter Authority Certificate or an Anonymous Elector’s Document is lost, stolen, destroyed or so damaged that it is no longer useable after the deadline for making an application for a Voter Authority Certificate Document has passed.
  • An elector or proxy has sent their accepted form of photographic ID, that they would otherwise use to vote in person, to another person to prove their identity, and they consider it unlikely that it will be returned in time for polling day.
  • An elector or proxy applied for a form of accepted photographic ID including a Voter Authority Certificate Document in the 3 months before the deadline and immediately before the deadline it has not arrived, and they have not been refused or withdrawn their application.

To apply for a proxy vote, you have to complete a form which can be downloaded from the Electoral Commission Website here and give a reason why you cannot get to your polling station in person.

The form must be returned to the Warwick District Council Electoral Team by 5pm by email at

Apply for a proxy vote

Apply online:

Apply for a proxy vote on GOV.UK

You'll need:

  • your National Insurance number to prove your identity
  • the address where your proxy is registered to vote
  • contact details for your proxy

You’ll also need to upload a photo of your handwritten signature in black ink on plain white paper.

If you cannot provide a signature or one that always looks the same, you may be able to apply for a proxy vote signature waiver within the service.

You can also download and fill in a proxy voting application form. You will need to hand sign the application form and send it back to us via post. Alternatively, you can scan the form and email it to

Visit the Electoral Commission website for more information about proxy voting and to apply.

Limits on proxy votes

There are limits to how many people a voter can act as a proxy for. This means you can only act as a proxy for two people living in the UK. If you act as a proxy for people living overseas, you can act as proxy for up to four people, but only two of these can be based in the UK.

These changes apply to UK Parliament elections, including by-elections and recall petitions, local elections and Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Proxy Voting FAQs 

For further information on Proxy Voting visiting our remote voting web page.

Voting by proxy video