Register to vote  

You can only vote in elections if your name is on the register of electors - Register to vote

The following people are allowed to vote if they are over eighteen years of age:

  • All British, Commonwealth and Irish citizens
  • European Union citizens (allowed to vote in local elections only)
  • Overseas electors (allowed to vote in parliamentary elections only)
  • Members of HM Forces and their spouses (if they qualify)
  • Crown servants employed outside the United Kingdom

Polling stations

You vote in person at a polling station:

Voter identification

From 4 May 2023, you will be required to show photographic identification at polling stations before you are given a ballot paper.

Postal voting and proxy voting 

If you are unable to go to your polling station on election day and if you are a registered elector, you can apply to vote by post or proxy. A proxy is someone who votes on your behalf. Visit the following pages for more information.

EU Citizens and Candidacy rights 

From May 2024, some EU citizens will not be able to vote and stand as a candidate in certain elections in England.

Overseas Electors – Votes for life 

From January 2024, there will be changes for British citizens living overseas. There will no longer be a 15-year limit on voting rights, and the registration period will change.

Accessibility Resources

BSL: Deciding the best way to vote