The 2018 annual canvass forms have been sent out to Warwick District residents. Download the annual canvass - register to vote leaflet for more details and advice with filling it in.

Electoral register canvass

Between October and February each year we collect the information we need to publish a revised electoral register. Each house in the district should receive an electoral registration form.

For help and advice in completing your electoral registration form please contact the Elections Office on (01926) 456105  or email

Each year, by law, the Electoral Registration Officer has to prepare new and accurate voters lists. The only way we can collect the information required is by sending a new electoral registration form to every household. Other council records are not used, so while you may be registered for council tax, this does not put you on the electoral register.

Changes to your details

Printed on the form you receive will be the details of those electors currently registered to vote at that address. Residents are required to update the details shown on the form if there are any changes, crossing through names of any persons no longer resident, amending any mistakes and adding names that should be included on the electoral register. The form must then be signed and returned in the envelope provided.

No changes to your details

If there are no changes to be made, we need confirmation of this. You can confirm there are no changes to your details online or by telephone (see details on your canvass form).


You can watch the short video below that shows you how to complete your canvass form.

Contact details 

We do not maintain the website for voter registration; it is maintained by the Electoral Reform Society. Please let the Electoral Reform Society know directly if you experience any technical problems with the website. Contact

For general queries about electoral registration or elections, please contact the Electoral Services Office on (01926) 456105  or email: