Leamington Willes County Electoral Division vacancy

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Stoneleigh and Cubbington ward vacancy

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Warwickshire County Council elections 2017

County council elections - May 4th 2017

Warwick District Council elections

Elections to Warwick District Council are held once every four years, normally on the first Thursday in May. Warwick District is divided into 20 wards. Councillors are elected by majority and serve for four years.

Warwick District Council election results 2015

Party Seats Percentage of votes
Conservative  31   43.3%
Labour Party  9   22.7%
Green Party  1   13.4%
Liberal Democrat  2   13.1%
Whitnash Residents Association  3   3.7%
UKIP  0  2.3%
Independent  0   1.4%
Trade Union and Socialist Coalition  0  <1%

Parish and town council results

Past election results

Previous Warwick District Council election results (including by elections)

You can find details of your local councillors at the Councillors A to Z