We are actively working in partnership with organisations that are committed to building networks, embracing all sections of the community, whilst supporting those who are vulnerable.

Voluntary and Community Sector organisations operating in Warwick District are invited to make an application for grant funding to deliver one or more of the following programmes/areas of work on behalf of the Council from 1 July 2023 to 31 March 2026.

Programme 1: Third Sector Support, Volunteering & Building Capacity

£52,550 per annum.

The aim of this fund is to enable VCS/not-for-profit services to improve the circumstances of the people and communities they work with, by providing services to their most vulnerable clients. This is a district wide scheme, but priority will be given to organisations active in the Council’s priority areas of Brunswick, Lillington East & South, Sydenham West and Warwick West.

Programme 2: Financial Inclusion

£80,000 per annum.

The provision of district-wide advice and support services that can minimise the likelihood and impact of financial exclusion and reach the most vulnerable and isolated members of the community.

Programme 3: Delivery of Employment Clubs

£30,000 per annum.

To develop an inclusive district wide programme to provide the unemployed and those on low incomes with the opportunity to gain contacts, training opportunities and skills enhancement, advice and support.

Programme 4: Social Inclusion in targeted geographical areas

£135,000 per annum to be distributed to the following areas:

  • Brunswick £40,000
  • Lillington East & South £25,000
  • Sydenham £27,000
  • Warwick West £30,000

To develop programmes that are targeted at the disadvantaged and socially excluded living in these areas due to lack of resources, rights, services and the inability to participate in the normal relationships and activities available to the majority of people in a community, whether those are of an economic, social or cultural nature.

Funding allocation

The funding allocation for each programme will be used in full to deliver the identified aims; where the funding allocation is for targeted geographical areas, the Council must apportion the funding to meet the needs of all those areas.


Applications must be submitted by no later than 12pm on Friday 24 February 2023. We recommend that you read the eligibility criteria information on the following pages before starting your application.

Apply for the voluntary and community sector grant fund

You can use the Microsoft Word version of this form to draft your application if you wish to prepare in advance of completing the online form - Voluntary and community sector grant fund application draft (MS DOC).