Guidance to the grant fund

The Council’s priority is to assist the most vulnerable people in Warwick District; the financial and social inclusion and employment support services can be used by anyone in the district who meets the service criteria, but the Council has identified four geographic areas where it expects delivery to be concentrated.

These are:

  • Brunswick
  • Lillington East and South
  • Sydenham West
  • Warwick West

What we will fund:

  • Running costs to include rent, overheads, salaries
  • Existing service provision
  • Project costs
  • Educational visits and residential training

What we want to fund:

  • Range of services
  • Established organisations with track record in targeted wards
  • Should be readily accessible to residents, with local access via community hubs/facilities in the district’s priority areas
  • Charities and Community Interest Company’s
  • What we look for in organisations and services:
    • No age barriers to using the services
    • We expect services delivered in priority wards to take account of needs created by local demographics, with tailoring of services to support whatever is needed locally
    • Applications should make clear how your project will work in each location, meeting the local needs of residents.
    • Projects that can demonstrate alignment to the identified ‘Priority Areas for Action’
      • Strengthening Communities
      • Cost of Living Crisis
      • Mental Health
      • Physical Health
      • Isolation & Loneliness
      • Access to Support Services
      • Fuel Poverty 
      • Digital Access & Outreach

What we will not fund:

  • Bids that promote religious or party-political beliefs/aims, or for any activity deemed by the Council to be lobbying
  • Bids for personal profit or the benefit of an individual
  • Social events or holidays
  • Prizes or charitable contributions
  • Loans or debt repayments
  • Activities that are part of the statutory obligations of a public body (this does not include where a statutory organisation has stopped delivering a service)
  • Bids from groups that do not adhere to reasonable Equality and Diversity policies and the national legislation on health and safety, discrimination, and child protection