Grant introduction

We are committed to working with organisations that are committed to building networks and maximising the community's resources, whilst embracing all sections of the community, supporting those who are vulnerable.

We welcome applications from all Voluntary and Community Sector organisations operating in Warwick District.

This grant document describes the areas of work that Warwick District Council wishes to procure from the Voluntary and Community sector for 2 years 9 months dated from 1 July 2023 to 31 March 2026.

The funding allocation for each programme will be used in full to deliver the identified aims; where the funding allocation is for targeted geographical areas, the Council must apportion the funding to meet the needs of all those areas.

Please refer to the relevant programme specification when completing your application.

The grant scheme is split into 4 Delivery Programmes:

  • You may apply to deliver one or more Delivery Programmes
  • Delivery Programme 4 is subdivided into 4 geographic areas; you may apply to deliver a service in one or more of these areas
  • You cannot apply to deliver in part any of the other 3 Delivery Programmes; an application for each one must be completed in full by one organisation or by one organisation on behalf of several organisations e.g., a consortium
  • You are encouraged to work collaboratively with other organisations to deliver one or more Delivery Programmes
  • The funding allocated against each Delivery Programme is the maximum funding available for that scheme; your bid must not exceed the total contribution as specified in the relevant programme