Monitoring and evaluation of successful applicants

Monitoring and evaluation of the services will be undertaken through a single template, which includes:

  • An agreed set of priorities
  • Performance measures and targets
  • Results of satisfaction surveys
  • Annual action plan

Successful applicants will be required to sign a ‘Service Level Agreement’ which they must adhere to, and this will be monitored as part of the overall process of monitoring and evaluation.

The bullet points below show the common approach that we will adopt towards monitoring and evaluation:

  • Monitoring and evaluation will only be undertaken on those services or parts of services funded by this grant
  • All groups will provide written monitoring information twice a year, at the 6- and 12-month marks. Where consortia arrangements exist, monitoring information will be submitted in a single response, made by the lead group on behalf of the consortium
  • The exact content of the written monitoring information will be agreed in partnership with successful consortia or groups, proportionate to and depending upon the service that will be delivered. This process of agreement will take place between April 2023 and June 2023
  • A set of standard information will be required from all groups at the 6- and 12-month marks as follows:
    • Ward area of service users
    • Age of service users
    • Gender of service users
    • Ethnicity of service users
    • Registered disability of service users
    • Number of sessions run
    • Number of service users attending each session
  • At EITHER the 3- or 9-month mark, a face-to-face interview will take place between a representative of the group or representatives of the consortium and the officer representing the Council. This meeting will allow the Council an opportunity to share success, discuss progress, ask questions, and raise any concerns. Follow-up action will take place where required
  • Telephone, email, or written contacts will be conducted periodically by a representative of the Council
  • An annual user satisfaction survey must be completed by the group or consortium every financial year, at a time chosen by the group or consortium. The purpose of the survey is to enable the group or consortium to identify any changing needs and to examine its own performance in the tendered areas of work
  • Annual reports and financial statements produced by organisations should be sent to the Community Wellbeing Team at Warwick District Council
  • Groups will receive feedback annually from the Council
  • All groups and consortia must submit a final evaluation report in 2026
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the services will be undertaken through a single template, which includes:
    • An agreed set of prioritises
    • Performance measures
    • Delivery Action Plans
    • Case Studies