Key Principle 5

Considering opportunities to support regeneration projects and development within our town centres through alternative use of our car parking assets


In the broader context of asset management, Warwick District Council, through its multi-storey and surface car park stock, owns a several sites in town centre and wider town locations across the District. The car parking sites should be considered strategic assets in the context of regeneration project and development opportunities and consideration should be given to consolidating car parking where the opportunities arise to use sites for more lucrative or strategic purposes.


Priority 5.1 

We will continuously monitor and review the District Council’s off-street car park stock as part of the asset management plan with a view to identifying opportunities to consolidate car parking and release land for regeneration and development purposes.

Priority 5.2 

We will assess any development opportunities against the car park capacity baseline and include re-provision of car parking with any new development as required.