Key Principle 2

Ensuring safe, good quality car parking options are provided, that are well-managed and effectively promoted to meet the demands of our residents, visitors and stakeholders


Parking quality, safety and ease of use have a direct impact on people’s choice of where they park and how much they are prepared to pay. The provision of safe, good quality car parking and the promotion of these facilities is fundamental to retaining customers and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction within the parking service.

Customer satisfaction with the service is currently good and a recent independent study of our off-street car parks rated the overall quality of the provision to be good where measured against industry standards. This needs to maintained as a minimum and opportunities to improve quality and customer satisfaction should be sought.

Developments in technology offer new ways of communicating to customers and opportunities to make parking easier and to ease congestion in town centres through the use of mobile and online communications should be explored.


Priority 2.1 

We will identify opportunities to improve the quality and safety of our existing off-street car parking stock and implement robust management plans to ensure off-street car parks are well maintained and cost-effective.

Priority 2.2 

We will be proactive in looking for opportunities to bring forward technological solutions that will help residents and visitors navigate our town centres and access available on-street and off-street parking to reduce traffic congestion and improve the user experience. Consideration will be given to the benefits of parking apps and opportunities to improve on existing technology such as the Variable Message Signs in Leamington Spa and Warwick.

Priority 2.3 

We will listen to our customers and work with our internal and external stakeholders to identify opportunities to improve the promotion of parking availability and options, utilising all available channels including Twitter, social media and other online channels including the websites of Warwick District Council, Shakespeare’s England and other relevant partners.