Warwick district car park strategy 2018-2028 consultation

Warwick District Council provides car parks across the towns of Royal Leamington Spa, Warwick and Kenilworth. The way that we manage and run our car parks is determined by our parking strategy.

A lot has changed in parking over recent years and the current strategy needs updating to make it relevant for the years ahead.

In summary, the revised strategy sets out how we plan, over the next 10 years, to consolidate and improve our service to offer a consistent value for money service for our customers and for the council. We want to offer a user friendly service, that supports our town centres and makes use of the latest technology where possible. And we want to make it easy for our customers to find the information they need to make the best decision for them regarding how they access our town centres. 

We’ve carried out a detailed evidenced-based review to inform the new draft strategy and we have some ideas about how we can achieve this but before we do anything we want to know what you think.

What we're proposing and why

Warwick District Council’s corporate vision is to make Warwick District ‘A great place to live, work and visit’. Our car parking strategy for 2018-2028 aims to support this vision by adopting 5 key principles to how we run our car park service. These 5 key principles are:

  1. Ensuring sufficient car parking capacity is provided across Warwick District’s town centres to meet current and future demand for parking. Key Principle 1 - full details
  2. Ensuring safe, quality car parking options are provided, that are well managed and effectively promoted to meet the demands of our residents, visitors and stakeholders. Key Principle 2 - full details
  3. Ensuring sufficient car parking to support Warwick District Council’s key facilities and premises. Key Principle 3 - full details
  4. Pursuing opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of car parking in existing car parks and new developments. Key Principle 4 - full details 
  5. Considering opportunities to support regeneration projects and development within our town centres through alternative use of our car parking assets. Key Principle 5 - full details 

For each key principle we have identified several key priorities that outline how we intend to meet the principle objectives. Overview of the key principles and priorities.

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The consultation closed on 19 December 2017.

The draft car parking strategy contains further supporting information.