Key Principle 4

Pursuing opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of car parking in existing car parks and new developments


This objective broadly considers the environmental impact of the District Council’s operations. In the context of car parking, the environmental impact concerns the means of affecting the behaviour of road users to reduce congestion and emissions arising from vehicle use alongside opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of parking infrastructure. 


Priority 4.1

We will explore opportunities to work with external partners on emerging low emission vehicle, autonomous vehicle and intelligent mobility technologies, areas of acknowledged sectoral strength within the Coventry & Warwickshire economy and will actively seek opportunities to pilot development projects within the district.

Priority 4.2

We will investigate means of encouraging the use of low emission vehicles through the expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the district.

Priority 4.3

We will ensure that environmental sustainability a key consideration as part of the car park services ongoing approach to planned preventative maintenance and procurement. This will be considered when procuring lighting and parking meters and will be a fundamental consideration for any future development.