Report problems

Street light

Urban street lighting

Street lights in urban areas or on adopted roads and footpaths are usually the responsibility of Warwickshire County Council who are the local highway authority. 

Report an urban street lighting fault

Alternatively call 01926 736548.

Rural street lighting

Warwick District Council are responsible for rural street lighting - List of areas where we maintain street lighting.

In order to locate the correct street light and determine the problem, it is helpful if the following information is provided:

  • Village name
  • Street name
  • Column number (usually marked on the lamp column facing the road)
  • Any other information which may help us pinpoint the location of the lamp column along the street, e.g. nearest house number or name
  • Nature of the fault, e.g. on during the day, flashing, light out, etc.

To report a fault email the details to or telephone on 01926 456076.