Urban verges

In the urban areas of the district (Warwick, Leamington, Kenilworth and Whitnash towns) Warwick District Council carries out maintenance of grass verges on behalf of Warwickshire County Council.

Weather permitting, we cut the grass 10 times a year between April and March - nine cuts take place between April and October with the tenth cut saved until March as the first cut after winter. The time between grass cuts is approx. 4 weeks.

We are only responsible for grass cutting. Issues such as parking on verges, damage to verges, etc. are dealt with by Warwickshire County Council.

No Mow May

We're supporting Plantlife's annual No Mow May campaign by suspending grass cutting in parts of the District throughout May, letting grass and wild plants grow naturally to support insects and other wildlife.

No Mow May information and FAQs.

Rural verges

Warwickshire County Council maintain verges in rural areas. Visit the county council website for information about the maintenance of rural grass verges.