Street name plateWarwick District Council has a responsibility to ensure that most streets and other thoroughfares are named and have a street name plate to identify them. However, we do not provide or maintain name plates for private roads, properties accessed from private communal driveways or individually named apartment blocks.

It is important that we can find where we are and where we want to go quickly and efficiently and it is especially important for the emergency services.

The district council is also responsible for the repair and maintenance of street name plates. This can be due to accidental damage, vandalism or normal wear and tear.

Following a report, the street name plate is inspected to establish whether a repair is viable or whether a new plate is required. Unfortunately, it can take a few months for a new street name plate to appear because they are individually manufactured on a one off basis.

Report a problem

Report a missing or faulty street name plate.

On new housing or office developments, the responsibility for providing the first street name plate rests with the property developer. After that, once the road is adopted by Warwickshire County Council, the name plate will be maintained or replaced by the district council in the event of damage.

If you would like to request a street name plate specification, please use the form above and enter your enquiry details.

Street naming

Requests for new street name plates for roads and lanes that have not been named before are channelled through the relevant parish or town council to ensure that local people and local variations of names have been considered. Go to the street naming page for more information.