Castle Street WarwickResponsibility for all directional signs and fingerposts is shared between Warwick District Council, Warwickshire County Council and parish/town councils. 

The following lists show the types of signs and who is responsible for each item.

Warwick District Council

  • Street name plates
  • Tourist fingerpost signs
  • Byelaw signs
  • Alcohol Free Zone signs
  • CCTV signs
  • District boundary signs, e.g. "Welcome to Warwick District"

Please visit our Street signs page to find out how to report a problem with a street sign maintained by Warwick District Council.

Warwickshire County Council

  • Some fingerpost signs
  • Highway signs
  • County boundary signs, e.g. "Welcome to Warwickshire" 

For all signage that the county council deals with, please contact 01926 412 515.

Parish and town councils

  • Parish/town signs

To find out more information on these street signs or how to report an issue, please direct all enquiries to the relevant parish or town council.