Street care

Warwickshire County Council inspect and repair faults on the highway (including the carriageway, footpath and highway verge). Visit their site to report highway problems and faults.

Street cleaning

Warwick District Council carries out regular scheduled street cleaning of roads and footpaths within towns and villages in the district. Different areas of the district are cleaned on different frequencies, but as a general rule, the following criteria apply:

  • Town centres and smaller shopping precincts are cleaned every day
  • Town centre outskirts and principal urban routes are cleaned weekly
  • High density suburban housing areas are cleaned monthly
  • Low density housing areas, villages and rural link roads are cleaned every two months

If you want to report a problem with street cleaning or a litter bin, or wish to check when your street is next due to be cleaned, please submit our online form:

Report street cleaning or litter bin problem


To report this offence visit the flytipping page

Litter and the law

Dropping litter is illegal. People who drop litter can be fined or face prosecution in court. The Offence of Leaving Litter (section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act, 1990) states that if a person drops, throws, deposits or leaves anything so as to cause defacement in a public place, they could be committing a littering offence. The courts have the powers to fine offenders up to £2,500. In addition to this, a person caught dropping litter, or throwing litter from a car, could get a fixed penalty fine of up to £80 from an authorised council officer.

Community litter picking

Find out how we will support any voluntary groups who want to do a community litter pick.