The procedure for naming a road is that the name has to be officially approved by Warwick District Council, the relevant Town or Parish Council and by the Royal Mail Address Development Team, which is then put on the Approved Street Names List for the relevant town.

To add a new street name to the Approved List

It is possible to request for a name to be added to the Approved Street Names List. However, please take note that roads cannot be named after living persons. If you would like to nominate a name, please write in to our office.

You should:

  • give reasons why the name should be put on the List including any evidence where possible. e.g. a historic link with the town
  • if your suggestion is a name after a deceased person, please provide evidence that would verify their identity and reason for choice. e.g. copy of press cuttings or achievement awards

And write in with a contactable phone number to the address below:-

Street Naming and Numbering
Warwick District Council
Riverside House
Milverton Hill
Leamington Spa
CV32 5HZ 

Any further queries, please call 01926 456663

New street names for new large developments

If you are a developer, you will be asked to choose 2 names from the Approved List in the event that your first choice is rejected by Royal Mail. However, you may research into the history of the site and choose a name with a historic link to the development. A historic name is much easier to justify to the Town or Parish Council for approval.  This request needs to be confirmed in writing via the District Council who will submit the proposal on your behalf.

Timescale and procedure

Please note that consultation with the relevant administration bodies can in some instances take several months to obtain a result and this may not necessarily give approval to your request. The decision to add a proposed name to the Approved List is made by the relevant Town or Parish Council. When a name is chosen from the Approved List for a new development, Royal Mail will then check the suitability of the name before confirming its approval. All applicants/developers will then be notified of the outcome by the District Council.