Warwick District Council has identified that your local park which we call Priory Pools has scored average for quality in an open space audit. For this reason funding has been set aside for improvements to the area.

The Green Space Development Team has come up with some ideas which are shown below and on the plan of the site. The aim is to make the area more attractive to residents and visitors.

The improvements we are looking at are as follows:

  1. Vegetation Management – thin out trees, clear some undergrowth and raise canopies in order to improve sightlines throughout the park and increase the feel of safety.
  2. Epicormic Growth and Crown Lifting – remove epicormic growth (tree suckers) on all trees and raise canopies in order tom improve sight lines throughout the park.
  3. Signage and Interpretation Panel – introduce better signage and interpretation panels to bring more information about the history of the site, potentially could be done with a sculpture.  This will hopefully help to make the site more welcoming.
  4. Meadows – introduce meadow areas to improve bio diversity and offer a different element to the park.
  5. Footpath Repairs – inspect and repair current footpath running from Lyttelton Road adjacent to the school.
  6. Tree stump removal – remove tree stumps and areas of suckers surrounding them.
  7. Tree work – essential tree works to damaged trees, crown-lifting of trees to improve sight lines. Take trees out if needed.
  8. Football Pitch – move current location of football goals offering a better place to play football, install new goals with catching nets and rubber goal mouths to prevent wear to the ground.
  9. Seating/ Benches – improve provision for seating introducing new benches.
  10. Outdoor Gym Equipment – look to introduce outdoor gym equipment.
  11. Play area improvements – improve play area adding additional items of equipment and extending and replacing the fencing around the toddler area linking to the current footpath. Offer equipment for a wider age range, reusing current equipment where possible.
  12. New footpath from Lyttelton Road garages – install new footpath from garages to the current footpath running around the play area.
  13. Flatten vegetation by entrance from garages and improve maintenance of this area to make more welcoming and improve sightlines (shown on plan as 1 with vegetation management).
  14. Fencing on Housing boundary of Lyttelton Road – work with Housing to improve the fencing with possible repairs.
  15. New gate from entrance at garages – install a new vehicle gate with signage to improve the access from the garages linking to the new footpath offering a more welcoming park.
  16. Potential communal garden area – (not shown on plan) will be by the housing areas on the entrance path from Lyttelton Road, currently small patch of grass. This will offer the community a space to loom after their own small area of garden probably in the form of an edible garden (vegetable and fruit).
  17. General throughout the site – install new bins and improve existing.

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The consultation ended 25th April 2016.

The aim is to start the work June/ July 2016.  

Friends of Group

We are very keen to develop a friends of group for this park in order to have community involvement. This is also a very good way of extra management of the park with aid in the direction of future development, also it provides a good way of drawing in extra funding through bids of grant money. Please indicate on the survey form if you are interested in being part of the friends of group.