Warwick District Council has identified that your local park which we call Cubbington Waterworks has scored below average for quality in an open space audit. For this reason funding has been set aside for improvements to the area.

The Green Space Development Team has come up with some ideas listed below. The aim is to make the area more attractive to residents and visitors. You can download a plan of the area.

  1. Play area improvements: Add new equipment outside of existing area, reuse and keep existing play equipment that is fit for purpose. Improve play value and diversity of equipment, such as introduction of roundabout and rockers.
  2. Footpath: Install a new footpath running from the entrance on Cubbington Road looping around the play area and back to the entrance. To improve access in and around the park and bring equal access for all.
  3. Trees and shrubs: Thin out woodland area by play area and thin out some trees on boundaries in order to allow certain species space to develop and improve sight lines into and around the park.
  4. Summer meadow: Proposed introduction of a summer meadow in order to increase biodiversity and bring a different element to the park, including some planting of fruit trees and a feature.
  5. Entrances: Improve entrance from Cubbington Road, remove the hedge, install new railings and improve hard surface at the entrance. Formalise the entrance on South View road where currently there is an opening in the railings. Improve the railings at South view road making safer and removing overgrown vegetation to increase sight lines into the park.
  6. Football goals: Install new football goals.
  7. Gym equipment: Proposed addition of outdoor gym equipment to encourage active lifestyles and a different recreation activity into the park.
  8. Boundary vegetation: thin out certain areas of boundary vegetation to improve sight lines into and through the park to increase the feel of safety.

General across site

The installation of new bins and benches where appropriate.

Have your say

We will be holding an open evening on Tuesday 23rd February between 5pm - 8pm at the Lillington Free Church, Cubbington Road, Leamington Spa if you would like to come down and offer some suggestions or have any questions, members of the Green Space Team will be on hand.

Friends of Group

We are very keen to develop a friends of group for this park in order to have community involvement. This is also a very good way of extra management of the park with aid in the direction of future development, also it provides a good way of drawing in extra funding through bids of grant money. Please indicate on the survey form if you are interested in being part of the friends of group.