HMO payments and fees

Payment of licence fees can only be made online using a debit or credit card, we no longer accept cash or cheques. If you pay online for a new licence fee or a renewal, please tick the box on the enclosure list - item no.12 on Page 10 of Form 1 (‘The Property’). Please also enter the date on which payment was made.

Types of licence payment

There are 3 types of payment that can be made

  1. New licence application
  2. Licence renewal
  3. Miscellaneous payment (e.g. for administrative charges or fee underpayments)

New licences and licence renewals

Although the fees differ depending on whether it is an initial application or a renewal, both of these follow the same principle – the number of occupiers determine the fee payable. Your application must specify the maximum number of persons you wish to accommodate, since your licence will impose a maximum number. If you intend to increase the number of occupiers beyond the number specified on your licence at any point during the licence term, you must contact us to discuss varying your licence first.

Licence fees for 2022

Licence fees are reviewed annually. See the fee sheet for details of the 2022 fee charges.

Pay new licences fees

Pay licence renewal fees

Licence changes

There is no longer a charge made to vary an HMO licence or to change the named manager. It is necessary to apply for a variation where the licence holder proposes to increase the permitted occupancy or has a new manager for the property. It is a requirement that you also notify us of a change of address or contact details for the licence holder or manager.

Full details and plans must be provided to the planning department before increasing the number of occupants. Please contact planning enquiries on 01926 456536 or email

Once planning permission is granted, please contact the Private Sector Housing. 

Miscellaneous payment

It may be necessary to make an additional payment if you have underpaid for any reason, or if you receive an invoice for an administrative charge. Administrative charges include things like producing a second copy of your licence and repeated document requests. Details of the various administrative charges and the amount to be paid.

If you are in any doubt regarding the correct fee, please contact the Private Sector Housing Team on 01926 456 359.

Make a miscellaneous payment