Corporate strategy foward view of the pump rooms

Warwick District is a fantastic place, with historic buildings, green spaces, vibrant communities and growing digital and creative industries. However, we are not immune to the challenges many people are facing with high energy bills, inflation, and pollution, which affect so many parts of the country. 

We are proud that Warwick District is a vibrant, distinctive, local area; so we are not looking to merge or disappear. We remain committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our residents, communities and businesses. 

This corporate strategy sets our vision for enhancing the district by playing to our strengths without shying away from tough decisions to tackle long-standing issues. It provides the basis to inform, prioritise and shape where the Council will focus its efforts, time and resources to help make the district a great place to live, work and visit by improving lives and our environment. 

We believe that one way our district is ‘great’ is by being ambitious, innovative and embracing new ways of living and working, whilst cherishing our history and traditions. We will strive to simultaneously be ‘improving lives and our environment’ by seeking the balance between idealism and pragmatism. This means we must always remember that ambitious changes need to be good value for money. 

Our overarching objective for Warwick District is to ensure that by having sustainability at the heart of our decision-making, the district is well-placed for future generations to enjoy. We aim to achieve this objective by delivering on our three strategic priorities. 

Our first strategic priority is to ensure we deliver high-quality services. As local government continues to operate in a challenging financial environment, we will use careful financial planning and our strong asset base to ensure that we continue to operate on a sustainable footing. This will allow us to continue to invest in our services and projects throughout the district. 

We are living in an increasingly digital world; our residents are looking for efficient and easy access to council services. We will redesign and reimagine our services to make it easier and quicker to do business with the Council. 

To play our role in tackling the climate emergency, we will focus on things we can directly change and influence. So our second strategic priority is to reduce energy bills for Council tenants, helping private homeowners and renters to reduce theirs as well, and reducing carbon emissions associated with Council-owned buildings. 

Our final strategic priority focuses on our role in fostering a sustainable and safe environment that enables our communities and businesses to thrive. Alongside this, we will ensure that support is there for our most vulnerable residents. 

Warwick District has many strengths which include natural assets with its stunning environment and tourism sector, as well as excellent creative, digital and green industries. Our strategy for business growth and the creation of new jobs must make use of these strengths, to ensure our communities and industries thrive. 

The Council is undertaking numerous major initiatives across the district to improve residents’ lives. These include leisure and sport developments, regenerating Leamington’s creative quarter, a new country park and substantial infrastructure for new housing estates. These strategic priorities are designed to benefit our communities across the district, including by regenerating areas, reducing heating bills and promoting healthier, safer, stronger communities. 

Of course, this corporate strategy will only succeed with public participation, community engagement and constructive dialogue with our many partners. We look forward to working with all groups to improve our services and to play our role in helping to make Warwick District a great place to live, work and visit by improving lives and our environment. 

Cllr Ian Davidson

Cllr Ian Davison
Leader of the Council

Cllr Chris King

Cllr Chris King
Deputy Leader of the Council