A dwelling may be entitled to a local council tax discount for up to a maximum of 12 months from the date the property became unoccupied and unfurnished, providing the property is:

Undergoing major structural alterations such as:

  • major repairs to the roof structure (not including re-shingling or replacing slates/tiles)
  • rebuilding defective chimney stack (s)
  • rebuilding external walls, for example to extend the property
  • repair or renewal of foundations
  • replacing defective solid floors
  • replacing defective floor joists
  • replacing defective ceiling joists
  • totally gutting of property including removing most internal wall (this does not include stud/partition walls


Undergoing major repair work to render it habitable due to a flood fire or subsidence.

Work that does not qualify for a local discount

You will not qualify for this discount if you are carrying out the following works only:

  • refurbishment of the property which does not include major works as above
  • kitchen, bathroom replacements
  • general repair work
  • gas/electrical/heating/plumbing repairs - these only qualify if its part of the major works following a flood, fire or subsidence.
  • re-wiring, timber, damp proof treatment, re-plastering or draining works.
  • health and safety concerns. These only qualify if the property is structurally unsafe.
  • work that is only due to take place for short period of time would usually not be considered as 'major' works
  • landlord works in between tenancies where no major works have taken place are considered refurbishment works and not appropriate for the discount.

You can only claim this discount once for a property (regardless of whether this was awarded before you took over the property) unless in the event of major repair works needed following a fire, flood or subsidence. This is because the discount is awarded against a property and not a person.

Application process

In order to award the discount we will need to see photographs and evidence (such as site plans, works schedules and insurance reports) to support your application. These should be uploaded on the online application form. If you do not upload photographs and evidence it may delay your application. We may also need to make an appointment to visit the premises to confirm the work has started.

Please make your application as soon as the work has started as we need to see that is taking place or has begun. If you are due to start work in a few weeks/months please do not apply until the work has actually started.

We are not able to award this discount retrospectively for a period that has already passed. as we need to confirm the work is taking place.

Council tax is payable until a decision has been made about the discount. If you are having financial difficulties please contact us so we can see if we are able to assist you.

If awarded the discount you must inform us once the property work has completed and/or the property becomes furnished/occupied again if it is within the 12 months so we can ensure the discount is removed from your account.


Please complete the Major repairs or structural work discount request form. Please make sure you upload photographs of the work thats taking place. 

Please note if you have recently purchased a property and have not registered as the new owner please complete one of our move into forms before doing your application for this discount.

If you are successful with your application we will award your discount onto your account for up to a maximum of 12 months and will send a bill to confirm.

Once the maximum 12 months period has ended the discount will also end regardless of whether work is still continuing. If you have not moved back into the property after the full 12 months discount has expired your property will be subject to a council tax premium.

If you are not successful with your application we will send a letter outlining the reasons for this and your right of appeal.

If, as the owner of a property you believe that your property is in a state of disrepair or is derelict you can ask the Valuation Officer to review your council tax band. The Valuation Office will consider all of your evidence submitted and advise you of the outcome.