Inspector's Report

The inspector's report (566kb, PDF)  and appendix (1.04mb, PDF) has been received by Warwick District Council.  It is intended that the Council will consider a report on 20th September for adoption of the Local Plan.

A Press Release has been prepared regarding the report.

The council is preparing a new Local Plan for Warwick district, which will guide the area's future development up to 2029.

Local Plan is approved

Warwick district's Local Plan has been approved.

Main Modifications consultation 

The Consultation on the Inspector’s Main Modifications has recently closed (May 5th). 

The representations received have been collated and forwarded to the Inspector (Mr Kevin Ward) for his further consideration.

The Council will issue a further bulletin on the anticipated progress of the process in due course.

Main Modifications Consultation – Main Modification MM54

Warwick District Council would like to inform all interested parties that in the consideration of the Inspector’s recommended Main Modifications it inadvertently misinterpreted the Inspector’s requirements with regard to park and ride provision north of Leamington Spa.

In doing so, the Council assumed that a park and ride area of search should be included in the Local Plan north of Leamington on the land previously to be allocated for Housing land (H44).

Consequently the Council issued a consultation document promoting a change in the Proposals Map that incorrectly incorporated an area of search for a park and ride facility at this particular location.

The Inspector is aware of this situation and the Council has confirmed with him that it is now in full agreement with his suggested modification that itemised two areas of search for park and ride north of Leamington that are not on the land previously allocated as H44. The District Council will be contacting all relevant respondents to MM54 to ensure that they are informed of this corrected Council position and to reassure them that the Council did not knowingly intend to promote a park and ride position contrary to the recommendations of the Planning Inspector.

Main Modifications consultation

The Local Plan Examination Hearings were formally closed by the Inspector, Mr Kevin Ward on 15th December. The Inspector has stated that main modifications are required to make the submitted plan sound. We are now consulting on the main modifications.

Main modifications consultation - runs until 5th May 2017

The Inspector will take account of comments on the proposed main modifications and the Sustainability Appraisal before finalising his report to the council. 

Proposed Modifications consultation

Proposed Modifications to the Local Plan consultation closed 22nd April 2016.

Local Plan Examination suspension and letters

Local Plan site progress maps

Overall summary

A number of proposed site allocations have already gained planning permissions, with other sites pending.

The Local Plan Site Progress Map – June 2016 (3.9MB, PDF) shows the status of sites to the south of Warwick, Leamington, Whitnash and the surrounding area, where the majority of significant planning applications have been received (click on the reference numbers within the map for more details).

For details of other sites allocated in the Local Plan view the Policies Maps and Policies Map Amendments (LP21) and Proposed Modifications.

The table in Policy DS11 of the Submission Draft Local Plan lists all sites, including the amount of homes to be delivered. Please note, changes to the table in Policy DS11 have been made as a consequence of the Proposed Modifications to the Local Plan.

Individual applications 

The location of planning applications can also be viewed via the online mapping system or the planning applications search facility. 

Previous steps and consultations

Dates Steps/consultation
30th January 2015 Submission of the Local Plan 
31st October to 12th December 2014 Publication Draft - Focused Changes
16th May to 27th June 2014 Publication Draft consultation
22nd November 2013 to 20th January 2014 Village Housing Options and Settlement Boundaries consultation
14th June to 29th July 2013 Revised Development Strategy consultation
1st June to 3rd August 2012 Local Plan Preferred Options consultation
21st May 2012  Local Plan Preferred Options document was considered by the Council and approved by Executive
1st December 2011 Council approved ‘A Strategy for the Future and Sustainable Prosperity of Warwick District’ as the basis for future preparation of the Local Plan.
17th March to 15th July 2011 Helping Shape the District - Issues and Scenarios consultation