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Warwick District Local Plan 2011 - 2029

The Local Plan was adopted in September 2017. It is the overarching local policy document for the district and will guide the area’s development until 2029.

Printed reference copies are available at our offices.


Progress against Local Plan objectives is measured in the Authority Monitoring Report.

Summary of the Local Plan process to adoption

Dates Steps/consultation
20 September 2017 Council takes decision to adopt the Local Plan
July 2017 Inspector's report published
May 2017 Main modifications consultation
September to December 2017 Examination in Public
April 2016 Proposed Modifications to the Local Plan
October/November 2015 Examinations suspended
May 2015 Examinations
30th January 2015 Submission of the Local Plan
31st October to 12th December 2014 Publication Draft - Focused Changes
16th May to 27th June 2014 Publication Draft consultation
22nd November 2013 to 20th January 2014 Village Housing Options and Settlement Boundaries consultation
14th June to 29th July 2013 Revised Development Strategy consultation
1st June to 3rd August 2012 Local Plan Preferred Options consultation
21st May 2012 Local Plan Preferred Options document was considered by the Council and approved by Executive
1st December 2011 Council approved ‘A Strategy for the Future and Sustainable Prosperity of Warwick District’ as the basis for future preparation of the Local Plan.
17th March to 15th July 2011 Helping Shape the District - Issues and Scenarios consultation