Newbold Comyn welcomes a variety of users, including pedestrians, joggers, dog walkers, nature-enthusiasts, cyclists and skaters. Users of Newbold Comyn are politely asked to be considerate of and courteous to other users to help ensure everyone can share in the enjoyment of this great public space.

The following advice for users is intended to support the aim of making every visit to Newbold Comyn an enjoyable one.

Be polite and considerate

Everyone is asked to use the park pathways considerately.

Giving way, saying ‘thanks’, ‘excuse me’ or ‘sorry’ are easy ways to help each other have a great experience in Newbold Comyn. All our visitors, no matter the activity they undertake whilst in the park, visit for the same reason - to enjoy the special green space. By every visitor being polite and considering the impact they have on others, we all contribute to a more harmonious space.

Be safe

Everyone has an equal part to play in making sure the park can be enjoyed safely!

Please adhere to all pathway and road signage in Newbold Comyn and on the cycle trails. Take care at crossings and junctions by being alert and looking out for other users in the same space. Everyone needs to take care especially when passing other users, and also to give space so others feel comfortable.

Cyclists - only cycle on designated paths so others know where to expect you and stick to the path, so the park and wildlife remains protected (particularly important in the Nature Reserve. Visitors come to Newbold Comyn to relax, explore and exercise, which makes the park’s pathways unsuitable for fast travel. Cyclists using the pathways to access the cycle trails are asked to slow their pace to below 10mph.

Dog walkers - keep your dog leashed in areas requested, and under control if off lead.

Be seen and heard

We recommend visitors are seen and heard in low visibility conditions.

Using cyclists British Standard approved protective equipment and wearing high visibility clothing will help others be aware of your presence in low visibility conditions. As some park visitors have visual and hearing impairments, we also recommend using a bell to alert people of your approach if needed.

Pedestrians should be aware that wearing dark clothing means you may not be very visible in low light conditions.

Dog walkers, when choosing a lead consider a bright colour so others can see the lead across the path.

Advice to park users


  • Please keep to pathways when cycling in Newbold Comyn
  • Slow down and call out a warning when approaching other park users. Be courteous and friendly
  • Take extra care when nearing horse riders. When in a group, all cyclists should pass the horse on the same side
  • Do not startle wildlife. Go slowly and give them space
  • Please avoid causing obstructions
  • Do not ride more than two abreast. Always ride in single file on narrow paths

Have you thought that:

  • People might not hear you approaching, especially in windier conditions. A cheery “hello” goes a long way!
  • The speed of your bike may cause fear in others, especially horses who naturally take flight
  • You might be chatting to your cycling mates as you go along but to those walking it can sound like a lot of shouting. Without meaning to you could disrupt others’ enjoyment
  • Everyone is sharing this space. It may be a dedicated cycle path but others may feel they can make their way more easily on the tracks. A smile and a little patience go a long way 


The advice for cyclists also applies to riders of non-motorised scooters. Motorised scooters and E-Scooters (with the exception of disability scooters) are not permitted for use at Newbold Comyn.

Have you thought that:

  • You will be mixing with a wide range of people with different mobility levels. You could injure yourself as well as others without heeding this advice

Dog walkers

  • Please always keep dogs close enough to be able to control their behaviours
  • Please do not allow your dog to run up to another dog on a lead
  • Be prepared to warn parents and children if your dog doesn't like being stroked
  • If you see another dog you're not quite sure about, put your dog on its lead and walk the other way
  • Please be polite and courteous to other dog walkers and park users
  • You must clear up your dog's mess. Bins are provided across the site and waste wrapped in a plastic bag can be put in an ordinary litter bin. If there are no bins available or they're full, please take it home with you

Have you thought that:

  • Not everyone loves dogs. People could have allergies or be afraid. Erring on the side of caution and using a lead or close control at first goes a long way. Others can always ask to say hello
  • A dog could be recovering from injury or be elderly. Respecting other owners’ decisions and keeping your dog away by default is a good idea until you know
  • You are using an area where all the usual dog legislation applies. It’s a great idea to pick and choose where they run loose, according to the season and what’s going on around you. This also benefits the dog’s relationship with you, as your dog will be looking to you for guidance rather than taking charge of a set routine of behaviours. In an emergency, where your dog might be at risk, this closer bond is essential. You never know if there’s a maintenance vehicle around the corner putting your dog at risk of harm
  • Mixing up the routes you take each day gives your dog better enrichment in their life and can make them love you more
  • In a much-loved park a lot of dog poo could destroy all the green areas you enjoy. Just think how much would be on the ground if no-one removed it. That could encourage lots of brambles and unwanted plants to grow through too much addition to the soils, preventing you from walking there

Horse riders

  • Horse riding must be kept to the designated route and field
  • Slow down and call out a warning when approaching other park users. Be courteous and friendly
  • Never ride more than two abreast. Limit groups to a maximum of eight horses on the bridle path

Have you thought that:

  • The different users of the park can be affected by churning of the ground from horses so it’s great that we care about the ground and follow sensible routes
  • Not everyone understands your horse is instinctively a flight animal and that they could frighten them or cause a kick from your horse. It’s great to explain that patiently if a situation looks like it could cause a problem
  • The size of a horse is intimidating to others

Model plane flying

  • Flying should take place only within the designated flying areas. Please ensure you make every effort to ensure that models do not stray beyond these designated zones
  • As you are flying in public areas, please always give priority to other visitors
  • Please ensure you are properly registered and licenced to fly at Newbold Comyn. Evidence by authorised officers may be requested so please be prepared

Have you thought that:

  • Flying is not well understood, so people may not understand if they are interfering in a flight
  • People may ask you questions and want to get involved
  • Animals could take fright at the noise of a plane and run away, causing them and their owner’s distress, so it’s great to look around and take account of what’s around you when you want to launch a flight


  • Please respect other skate park users and visitors to Newbold Comyn and share the space courteously
  • Please note that you are using this facility at your own risk
  • It is recommended that helmets, knee pads and elbow pads are used for your safety
  • Please do not ride on the Learn to Ride area of the cycle trails facility

Have you thought that:

  • The surfaces at the skate park are the best place to enjoy riding. Areas provided for cycling aren’t much fun and you could damage them
  • There will be differing abilities skating around you. Take care to help others


  • Please be respectful and aware of other users, particularly during the summer when the site is at its busiest
  • BBQ's Warwick District Council are urging visitors to all our parks and open spaces not to have a BBQ or light fires - particularly in hot weather
  • Please dispose of litter in the bins provided. If bins are full, please take your rubbish home with you
  • If you want to hold an organised event (i.e. larger gatherings or commercial events), you must contact Warwick District Council’s Events team well in advance to discuss locations, signage and fees -

Have you thought that:

  • Fire can harm long after you’ve gone. Any kind of spark can take hold even if it looks dead. Consider not using barbeques at all
  • If you are in a really quiet spot, your laughter and fun could be disturbing someone else’s peace and quiet, so it’s good to think about others around you

Exercise, rambling and outdoor fitness

  • Please be polite and considerate of other park users when undertaking exercise and activity to ensure the space is preserved for all visitors
  • Ball games are allowed but please be respectful and aware of other users, particularly during the summer when the site is at its busiest
  • If you are organising a group fitness activity or are a commercial fitness providers wanting to use the site, please contact Warwick District Council’s events team to discuss locations, signage, permits and fees -

Have you thought that:

  • Runners, particularly lone people, can shock others including animals.
  • Are you really sure that the person in front has heard you or is fully sighted? You could call a “hello” or take a wider berth when passing others
  • Dogs naturally chase people when they run. You could consider slowing and walking past or standing for a moment if this happens

Bird watching and fishing

  • Please keep to established paths to help protect plants and habitat
  • Do not disturb nesting birds or wildlife
  • Always keep dogs on leads and under control whilst viewing nature.
  • To fish at Newbold Comyn, you must have the relevant rod licence and permits to fish

Have you thought that:

  • You get to see the best wildlife when it’s really quiet and peaceful, so picking when you chat or stop to look around you may help you spot interesting things, especially in nature reserve areas
  • The seasons can affect where you should go. Some of the country’s rarest birds’ nest on the ground and are hard to spot. It makes them at risk from dogs and humans when they do, so follow signs to direct you even when it seems like there is no reason
  • Things being protected to make this park the best biodiverse place we can aren’t always obvious

Further information