Radford Road footbridge frequently asked questions

Following the outcome of a structural survey, the footbridge from the Radford Road to Newbold Comyn was closed in August 2023 on safety grounds. Since then, we have been working with a number of agencies to find the best way to reinstate this important access point at the earliest opportunity.

Why is this taking so long?

Altering, repairing or maintaining any temporary or permanent structure in, over or under a main river, where the work could affect the flow of water in the river or affect any drainage work requires the permission of the Environment Agency, with additional ecological surveys and reports needed due to the location of the bridge in a Nature Reserve. The site being on a flood plain adds further complexity.

Could the crossing point have been moved to a different location?

This was explored by the Council, but there are no viable alternatives along that stretch of the river. In addition, a new road crossing has been opened along the Radford Road with the potential to enhance the Sustrans cycle route.

Has the old bridge been removed?

The old bridge was successfully removed in March 2024, following receipt of a permit from the Environment Agency. This was to ensure that the bridge would not collapse and to minimise any impact on local biodiversity and potential risk to fish.

What is the process for installing the new bridge?

Warwick District Council have applied to the Environment Agency for permission to install a new bridge, abutments, and fencing, and to widen the approaches to the new bridge, taking into account the impact these works could have on wildlife and the floodplain. Elements of the works also have to adhere to the time restrictions in place to protect fish during their breeding season.

This permit application should be determined in the coming weeks but in the meantime contractors are on site undertaking preparation work that includes further ground investigations, and the partial demolition of the existing abutments, with the expectation that the new 3 metre wide bridge will be installed later this year.

The Radford Road Car Park has been closed until further notice to ensure that the works can be carried out safely.

In addition, a planning application for the new bridge has been submitted to the local planning authority and this will be determined shortly.