Cycling facilities

The facilities are designed for local (i.e. not a regional destination) families and communities in our District as an introduction to mountain biking. All of the cycle trails will be free to use.

Site signage for Newbold Comyn showing the trails and safety messaging

The cycling facilities include:

  • Graded cycle trails with a series of fun features to add interest to the ride and enable beginners to learn and develop skills:
    • Green trail (beginners) – approx. 1km
    • Blue trail (intermediate) - approx. 2km
    • Red trail (advanced) - approx. 1km
  • Learn to ride and skills area for children and other people new to cycling; includes a hard surface area with markings and mini off-road trails
  • A cycle hub building for cycle hire, basic cycle repair, refreshments and toilets

An allocation of the funding will be used to restore and improve the Campion Hills bike track.

The previous draft masterplan had envisaged the cycle trails would extend across the whole of the former golf course.

The revised proposals have located the trails in one half of the park (to the west of Observation Hill), making the most of the sites gradients and also leaves the other half of the park free of cycle trails for use by other users of the park i.e. walkers.

It is no longer proposed that the existing perimeter will become a shared cycling/walking trail and this does not form part of the bid. Newbold Comyn has been and always will be a shared use park for all to enjoy.

If successful with the bid, the Council will be able to start work constructing the cycle trails once all necessary planning permissions are in place. For any queries around the Newbold Comyn cycle trails please use