Boy fishingThere is a rich variety of fishing venues in Warwick district from the Rivers Avon and Leam, the Grand Union Canal and a variety of pools and lakes.

  • The River Leam flows through Offchurch, Radford Semele and on through the centre of Leamington and links up with the Avon below Portobello Bridge in Warwick.
  • The River Avon flows through Warwick, past the historic Castle and on to Barford , Hampton Lucy and Stratford.
  • The Grand Union Canal passes through Radford Semele and on through the south of Leamington, through to Warwick and on to the impressive Hatton Flight of locks.
  • There are Lakes at Ryton on Dunsmore, Warwick RacecourseBishops Bowl Nr Harbury and Snitterfield.
  • Other Commercial Fisheries include Tunnel Barn, Shrewley, Dog Lane, Napton. and Blue Lias Long Itchington.

Fishing on the Leam and Avon is controlled by several clubs. Day Ticket fishing is available on some stretches, but this needs to be checked

  • Fishing on the Grand Canal. Brit. Waterways bailiffs may ask for a Day Ticket Fee.
  • Fishing at Ryton Pool, Jubilee Pool, Ryton, The Reservoir, Snitterfield, is for members of Royal Leamington Spa A.A. Contact Anthony Simmonds 01926 312319 Warwick Racecourse Reservoir is for members of Warwick D.A.A.
  • Bishop’s Bowl lake is a Day Ticket.
  • Snitterfield Fruit Farm is a syndicate water.
  • Kingfisher Pool is a special facility for the young and the disabled. Contact Alan Jones (01926 334443) for details or visit their website.

Detailed and up to date information on Fishing in Warwick District is readily available from Bailey’s Tackle, Emscote Road Warwick. Tel no: 01926 491984

Kingfisher Pool

Following the arrival of an invasive weed in Kingfisher Pool, Warwick, every February a safe dye will be added to the water to stop light penetrating and allowing the weed to grow.

This follows a consultation with the Environment Agency. The dye is completely harmless to all flora and fauna.

Other useful contacts

  • Warwick and District Angling Association  Keith Jenner 01455 220045
  • Royal Leamington Spa Angling Association  Anthony Simmonds 01926 312319
  • Stratford on Avon Angling Association  Mr C. Green 01789 552012
  • Portobello Angling Association  Ian Leach 07969 238499
  • Eagle Angling Association  Mark Atkins 07854 447847
  • Whitnash Royals Angling Association  Bob Poulton 01926 334588
  • Queens Head Cubbington Angling Association  Danny James 01926 429949
  • The Malt Shovel Angling Association  Reg Talbot 01789 841372