Ely house Published: Friday, 22nd January 2016

Council's reaction to Secretary of State's decisions

Warwick District Council is very disappointed that the Secretary of State has granted planning permission for 1325 dwellings on these two sites following the public inquiries held last year. The decisions have serious consequences because of the impact on the landscape and the setting of one of our most important and unique heritage assets, Castle Park.

The council is seeking legal advice on the potential for a High Court challenge against the Asps decision and subject to the outcome of this, is minded to pursue legal action against the decision.

The decisions will also have significant implications for the Local Plan. It had been intended that the council formally considers a report setting out modifications to the Local Plan at its meeting on 27th January, including additional site allocations. However, the implications of this decision for those modifications need to be carefully considered, and as a result, this report has been deferred until February.

Andrew Mobbs, Leader of the Council said "I am deeply disappointed that the Secretary of State has gone against the council on these sites. His decisions have serious consequences for Warwick and its surroundings including impacting on Castle Park which as we all know, is not just valued locally, but is of national significance. We are considering whether there are grounds to challenge the Asps decision and if possible, will do all we can to have this decision revisited."

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