Tell us what you think about our site... What people told us about the design proposals for Castle Farm Recreation Centre - Kenilworth Leisure Centres - feedback from public consultation 2019 - Warwick District Council

What people told us about the design proposals for Castle Farm Recreation Centre

The main messages from the survey feedback along with our responses are summarised in the table below.

Message Response
Traffic - How will the development affect traffic? The Design team is working closely with their colleagues on the Kenilworth Wardens site to assess and mitigate the impact on traffic and parking of the two sites together. We are conscious that the projected increased traffic to Castle Farm and parking in/around the immediate areas is a key issue/concern for local residents. We will continue to work closely with local residents on this and update them when we have any further information.
Access to the site - What is the intended access for the site?  Can an access route from Castle Road north of the site be considered? The access arrangements for the new centre will remain the same as for the current centre. The majority of respondents are happy with this proposal.  As part of the wider Leisure Centre & Wardens projects, routes from the north have been reviewed and considered. However, routes from this direction are not considered viable due to added complications such as ecological impacts, land ownership, impact on archaeological remains, engineering works needed due to the water course and cost. We are working closely with the Wardens to make sure that the access arrangements for the two sites work well together.
Parking - Will there be enough parking and how do we know that it won't spill out onto neighbouring streets? Whilst the majority of respondents stated that the proposed arrangements were suitable, queries and concerns remain.  We are reviewing the current use of Castle Farm car park and kerbside parking in order to assess the impact of the new centre.  Our aim is to provide enough parking spaces on site to meet the demand and avoid customers parking elsewhere.
Travel alternatives - What provision will there be for cycling to encourage sustainable travel? A Green Travel Plan will be prepared for this site and the Wardens' site, working in unison. The Plan will encourage people to travel to the sites on foot or by bicycle where feasible. The percentage of people arriving at this venue on foot is already higher than the national average for sports centres, and we intend to build on this with a comprehensive plan and some innovative ideas. Both sites will include adequate parking for bikes. 
Sustainability and energy efficiency - What's being done to make the development carbon neutral and lessen the impact on the environment? We are working hard to reduce the impact of the facilities in line with the Council's commitment to attaining carbon zero emissions by 2025.  Several systems will be included as standard in line with Building Regulations; e.g. LED lighting, energy metering and heat recovery ventilation.  Designs are still being developed and we will choose sustainable materials where these are feasible and appropriate.  We are also considering energy efficient systems, such as combined heat & power units, grey water harvesting, voltage optimisation and photovoltaic panels, and again, where these technologies are considered appropriate they will be included in the designs. Some technologies are more appropriate for a swimming pool environment and some for a sports hall facility.  We will continue to focus on the options as we develop the final designs that will be included in our planning application. We will also ensure that our construction methods impact on the environment as little as possible. In terms of car parking this will include electric car charging points; the exact number is to be confirmed.
Visual impact and external materials - The design should be sensitive to its environment and this should be reflected in the external materials used. The proposed materials will include a mix of materials including timber cladding, brickwork and metal cladding. The exact colours and materials are to be confirmed prior to the planning application being submitted and will be included in the application.
Impact on ecology - What impact will the new centre have on the ecology? The Council have commissioned an ecological impact assessment. This has confirmed that the scheme has no significant impact on the ecological features. The area to be covered by the new building is currently mostly mown grass and as part of the build we will include measures to enhance the ecology.  Replacement planting of hedgerows along the overflow parking area and replacement planting of trees to the south of the proposed pétanque terrain are included within the proposals.
Size of development and loss of green space - Does the new facility need to be so big and what access will there be to the current open space? The size of the new centre, including the larger gym, is determined by the sporting facilities that are required for the predicted population growth in Kenilworth, and the District as a whole. The current open space around the leisure centre will remain open to the public for walking, dog exercising and for general games. Users of the open space will be welcome to use the toilets and vending machines within the centre.
Kenilworth Wardens Proposal - Most comments focused on traffic generation and access (vehicular and pedestrian).  The Wardens have confirmed that the public will have access to the site to watch sport in progress. The proposals include wide footpaths around the outside of the site so that people can still access the countryside and walk their dogs. Further responses about traffic and access can be found above.
Kenilworth Wardens Proposal - Some questions focused on the floodlights on the proposed artificial pitch. The floodlights are located at a distance from residential properties. The planning application for the Wardens site will include a detailed lighting impact assessment.
Kenilworth Scouts and Guides - Respondents were supportive of this new facility.  Some feedback received about the building being in keeping with surroundings and amount of parking. Work is ongoing with the Scouts and Guides Groups on the design of the facility and the outdoor area. The comments made on the design and layout of the building are being considered by the design team. The area for outside activities will be more clearly shown on future plans to answer concerns on this matter.

A number of specific design related questions and suggestions were made by respondents. The responses to these questions are shown in the table below.

Question or suggestion Response
What is the plan for the pétanque terrain? A new and improved pétanque 'terrain' will be provided on the sunny side of the building with at least as much playing area as at present. It will be close to the building and will have access to toilets and catering facilities. A patio will look over the terrain. We have received requests from the pétanque groups for a canopy and floodlights. These ideas will be discussed with the groups.
How many people will the exercise studios hold? The fitness suite will cater for 80 pieces of equipment. The studios will be varied in size to accommodate a maximum of 28-40 people.
Will there be a café on site? Refreshments will be available from vending machines. This is considered the most suitable catering solution for this type of leisure centre.
What will be in the empty room at the front of the leisure centre? We are currently reviewing options for how this space can best encourage a wide variety of people to use the leisure facility. The review is ongoing. We want to provide a flexible space that can cater for a range of activities, including children's parties.
Will there be toilets for people using the park? Yes - there will be toilets available near the main entrance.
By extending the car park, are you planning on cutting the current trees down? Significant trees, such as the mature oak tree at the focal point of the entrance, will be retained. The proposed car park has been designed to incorporate existing trees where possible, although some smaller trees will need to be removed and will be replaced elsewhere on the site.
What will be the public access arrangements for the football pitches? See response in table above.
Can we have dog lead hooks at the entrance? Yes - these can be included.
Is there a cover over the café terrace? Yes - there is currently a small cover designed over the entrance to the terrace.
The lighting in the car park needs to be improved Improved lighting is included within the scheme
Is frosting needed on the glass at the front of the building? Based on use of glass in other centres, frosting is not included at present. If it does become an issue frosting will be added at a later stage.
Are there enough showers and changing rooms?

The number of showers and changing rooms has been designing to ensure that there are adequate changing and shower facilities, based on Sport England guidelines and industry best practice.

Please note: any comments about the management of the centres have been passed onto Everyone Active.