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Fields for our future

Abbey Fields is a much-loved and well-used open space in Kenilworth, with sweeping views across the Finham Brook valley, teeming with wildlife, and home to magnificent archaeological ruins. However, the Fields mean different things to different visitors. Some visit for informal play, to keep fit, have family picnics or to walk their dogs. Others go to watch wildlife, spend time with nature and unwind. Many are drawn by the history of the Abbey, and some simply like to stroll through to the town centre. 

Abbey Fields

In the next 10 years, all open spaces within the District will come under pressure from an increasing population and the rapid pace of climate change.  The Council has declared a Climate Emergency, and all Council policies from now on must consider how we can reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and become much more sustainable. This includes making sure green spaces help us cope with flooding and overheating, as well as encouraging more sustainable means of transport.

Abbey Fields

Your Council wants to draw up a 10-year management plan for Abbey Fields so that these beautiful grounds can be protected and enhanced for years to come. We want to gather as much feedback as possible from our communities.  We want to know what you think, and what you value the most.


Have your say

The consultation has now closed. View the feedback for the Abbey Fields Swimming Pool and Castle Farm Recreation Centre consultations.

We will use all your feedback in order to develop a 10-year management plan for Abbey Fields, due for completion in Spring 2020, and we will hold another event to promote this.

Thank you for your time.