The public consultation is now closed. Thank you to all those who took park.

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Why is there a public consultation?

Abbey Fields, the Swimming Pool and Castle Farm Recreation Centre are integral, well-used and important parts of the Kenilworth community and beyond. In order to protect and future proof these facilities, plans are in place to update and rejuvenate them - and now we need your feedback!

This consultation aims to engage with as many Kenilworth residents and visitors as possible, to ensure that those using the facilities have their say.

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Councillor David Norris describes Abbey Fields as:

“A fantastic open space and one of the jewels of our district’’ and asks for people to “let us know how they currently use the park and its facilities and what we could do to improve it.”

Adding further that “This information will help to shape our plans for the future to encourage more physical activity and greater health and well-being while preserving the natural environment and history of the space.”


So how will it work?

Participants can have their say on three schemes; “pools our future”, “sports for our future” and “fields for our future” and will be asked to give feedback on new plans for Abbey Fields Swimming Pool, Castle Farm Recreation Centre and the proposed new home for Kenilworth Wardens Cricket Club.

At the same time participants will be encouraged to take part in an information gathering exercise for Abbey Fields, which will help to inform a management plan for the wider parkland.


How to get involved

There are a couple of ways to get involved, either come along to one of our 'drop in' events or complete an online survey.

At the drop-in events, staff from the project teams will be on hand to answer questions and receive comments on plans and gain the opinions of Abbey Fields park users.

The surveys feature a series of questions on the schemes to gain quality feedback, and can be completed online from 4 November until 9 December 2019.

We’d like to welcome and encourage all residents and park users to come and offer their feedback on our plans; to help us get the projects right for you and ensure a better future for our fields, facilities and community.