For Our Future survey privacy notice

These surveys are designed to help us understand people’s feedback on the latest proposals to improve and modernise the leisure centres. The information gathered will inform the Council’s development of the design prior to applying for planning permission.

The personal data that you provide will be used for the purposes of gathering consultation feedback about proposed improvement work.

The Council is also undertaking an Equalities Impact Assessment in relation to the improvement. This is an ongoing piece of work. If you would like a copy of the assessment please contact

Your personal data will not be shared outside of Warwick District Council, Mace and Darnton B3 (the professional services team) and will be deleted within 18 months once the consultation has completed. You have the right to access your personal data and to complain if you think your data is being used incorrectly. You may also have other rights, such as to have your data corrected or erased. For full details on your personal data rights including the Data Controller and Data Protection Officer’s contact details and further information please see the Council’s main Privacy Notice on