Senior officer's pay

You can download details of senior officer salaries.

The documents include the pay multiple - defined as the ratio between the highest taxable earnings for the given year and the median earnings figure of the whole of the authority’s workforce.

Pay Policy

Payment to suppliers

The reports below list the total payments to suppliers with a value over £250 (from Sept 2012). Publications of these lists forms part of our commitment to be open and transparent with our residents.

*For 2010, 2011, and 2012 up until August, the reports show the spend for values over £500, as per the transparency requirements at the time.

Purchasing card transactions

The reports below list details of the purchases on behalf of the council made by Warwick District Council Officers, using purchasing cards (gross amounts have been published as the source data being used cannot separate out recoverable Value Added Tax).

Grant payments

The reports below detail the grant payments made by Warwick District Council.

Payment performance data

The reports below provide data on the council’s performance for paying the invoices it receives.

Download details of Payment Performance Data