CFS Aeroproducts Ltd

General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER) - Annex III

Provisions for the publication of information as laid down in Article 9(1).

Name of the beneficiary: CFS Aeroproducts Ltd

Beneficiary's identifier: Company number 07899604

Type of enterprise (SME/large) at the time of granting: Small

Region in which the beneficiary is located, at NUTS level II ( 33 ): UKG13 Warwickshire

Sector of activity at NACE group level ( 34 ): All economic sectors eligible to receive aid

Aid element, expressed as full amount in national currency ( 35 ): £480,000

Aid instrument ( 36 ) (Grant/Interest rate subsidy, Loan/Repayable advances/Reimbursable grant, Guarantee, Tax advantage or tax exemption, Risk finance, Other (please specify)): Loan. Business rates relief

Date of granting: 12 December 2019

Objective of the aid: CFS Aeroproducts had to relocate from its premises in the former Alvis Works, Baginton as a consequence of the proposed development around Coventry Airport granted by Warwick District Council. It had until the end of October 2019 to relocate. It had struggled to find alternative premises which met the requirements of its regulatory body and which would enable it to retain its staff etc. It found premises in Warwick to which it could relocate in time and which would enable it to develop its processes but needed financial assistance of c£1.44m, subsequently revised to £1.48m.

Granting authority: Warwick District Council

For schemes under Articles 16 and 21, name of the entrusted entity, and the names of the selected financial intermediaries: N/A

Reference of the aid measure: Business rates relief for CFS Aeroproducts Ltd under State Aid Exemption Article 29 of the General Block Exemption Regulation   (GBER:  651/2014 Article 29.4)