Clean Air Day logoClean Air Day takes place in June every year, and aims to highlight the impact that poor air quality can have on our health, with a view to actively improving the air quality in your area.

Clean Air Day 2022

Clean Air Day takes place on Thursday 16 June 2022 and this year's theme focuses on how air pollution dirties every organ in your body.

We naturally picture the impact of air pollution on our lungs and airways. That’s true for its short-term effects, like coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. Asthma can be triggered by immediate exposure to poor air quality too.

Over the long term, air pollutants can also damage the heart, blood vessels and brain. Poor air quality can be contributed to a baby’s low birth weight and reduce a child’s lung development, an effect that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Warwick District Council is working closely with local campaign group Clean Air Warwickshire to highlight the harmful impacts of air pollution in the community and show what steps can be taken to improve air quality in Warwick District.

Make a pledge

Clean Air Warwickshire will have an information stand outside the Town Hall on Saturday 11 June where you can find out more about their campaign and make a public pledge to do your bit to improve air quality.

Small but significant pledges could be:

  • Ditching the car for some journeys and choosing sustainable travel or public transport
  • Switching to an electric vehicle
  • Organising a walking or cycling school bus for the school run

You can also download a pledge card and share your pledge to improve air quality in the area using the hashtag #CleanAirDay:

Clean Air Day art installation

Local environmental action charity Action 21 and artist Libby Esler recently ran a series of workshops with community groups across the District to design a bike wheel art installation, which can be seen at the corner of Parade and Newbold Terrace on the railings of Jephson Gardens from 15 June.

Each bike wheel has been decorated by young people and members of the Action 21 craft club, representing their aspirations for cleaner air. The installation features important information on the effects of air pollution and what simple steps can be taken to make a big difference.

Choose How You Move in Warwick District

Participants of the Choose How You Move in Warwick District challenge, which rewards people for travelling sustainably throughout the District with points that can be converted to high street shopping vouchers, can also earn extra rewards for travelling by foot, bike, or public transport during Clean Air Day with additional rewards for travelling in sustainable travel zones.

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