We monitor air pollution in the district, check on emissions from industrial processes and investigate complaints about bonfires, odour nuisance and related issues, and we also aim to deliver air quality improvements.

Real-time air pollution

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Air quality annual status report

This report provides an overview of air quality in Warwick District Council for the previous year:

What we investigate

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Action plans 

Download a copy of the Air Quality Action Plan 2015 (2MB, PDF). Copies of our 2015 Air Quality Updating and Screening Assessment are available on request.

Following consultation with key stakeholders we have adopted new air quality planning guidance as an addendum to our Air Quality Action Plan. This Low Emission Strategy Guidance was approved at Executive Committee in April 2014 and it establishes the principle of Warwick district as an ‘Emission Reduction Area’.

Developers are now required to use ‘reasonable endeavours’ to minimise emissions and, where necessary, offset the impact of development on the environment.