Smoke and bonfires

We investigate complaints about smoke nuisance and incidents of dark smoke emissions related to domestic and industrial/trade premises. Further information about smoke and bonfires.

Industrial emissions

Certain specified industrial processes fall within Environmental Protection legislation. For details and a list of authorised processes go the industrial emissions page. Controls are imposed over emissions from these processes.

Smoky vehicles

Whilst we have no powers to take action against diesel vehicles producing excessive amounts of smoke, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) can take action against lorries (HGV) and buses (PSV) and require the offending vehicle to be checked.

If you see a bus or lorry emitting make a note of the following information:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle description - make, model, colour
  • Company name (if visible)
  • Road name or number and date and time when you saw the vehicle

and then contact DVSA on 0870 6040440 or report a smoky vehicle online.

Please note: It is perfectly normal for diesel engines to emit a little smoke when starting from cold and when accelerating. Please only report vehicles that are producing excessive amounts of smoke continuously.