Improving air quality in Warwick district

These are just some of the ways we are working to improve air quality in Warwick district.

20mph zones

These zones have been introduced to improve traffic flow through areas of the district that are currently air quality ‘hot spots’.

Improving cycle lanes

A number of new cycle lanes and links are underway. As part of the Europa Way Corridor there will be a dedicated cycle route, and there’s a proposal for a two-way cycle link between Leamington and Warwick along the Emscote Road.

Low Emission Buses

We are awaiting the outcome of a bid to OLEV (Office of Low Emission Vehicles) in order to support the conversion of the 67 bus route to electric opportunity charging. As this route operates in some of our Air Quality Management Areas, it will have a significant impact on air quality. If we are successful, we hope to extend the electric bus routes across the district.

Park & Ride

A 500 space park & ride scheme at Europa Way has been committed to and will hopefully be in operation in the next couple of years.

Warwick Wheels

We are currently exploring a bicycle hire/share scheme similar to the ‘Boris Bikes’ in London.

Green Street Furniture

There is currently a project in place evaluating the benefit of green street furniture on walls in some of our hotspot areas.

Electric Vehicles

As a Council we are committed to leading by example – we have a fleet of five electric vehicles, and we are moving our other vehicles to electric as and when it becomes suitable. We also promote the use of electric vehicles to the residents of Warwickshire through the Warwickshire Drive Electric website

Our new car park at Covent Garden will hold EV charging points.

Improving new developments

Working closely with our planning department, we are consulting on a Supplementary Planning document which updates the Low Emission Strategy documents. The Low Emission Strategy, which we have operated for several years, has required mitigation measures on any new developments to reduce their impact on the local area, including EV charging points for dedicated parking spaces, sustainable transport plans and the development of green spaces.

Tackling air quality is everyone’s responsibility

What changes could you make to improve your overall health and reduce your impact?

Think about walking or cycling for short journeys, or using public transport. Together we can all help to improve air quality in the district.

A full range of options for more active travel are available on the Choose How You Move website