Improving air quality in Warwick district

These are just some of the ways we are working to improve air quality in Warwick district.

Sustainable travel challenge

The most obvious initiative that is cutting CO2 emissions, and indirectly air quality, is the “Choose How You Move” challenge through BetterPoints. Residents tracking their active and sustainable travel around the District can earn BetterPoints, which can be redeemed at your favourite local stores or donated to charity.

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Cycle parking infrastructure

Warwick District Council is improving some of the cycle parking facilities within Leamington Spa between now and the Commonwealth Games to encourage and make cycling into Leamington more attractive.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure Strategy

Warwick District Council has procured a company to produce a strategy for South Warwickshire to provide a framework to see how our district can contribute to the increasing requirement for EV infrastructure. We have recently increased the number of charging points in our off-street car parks.

Cycle path through Abbey Fields

We are investigating options for a cycle path through Abbey Fields, Kenilworth to link together two part of a Sustran’s National Cycle Network.

Improving new developments

Working closely with our planning department, we are consulting on a Supplementary Planning document which updates the Low Emission Strategy documents. The Low Emission Strategy, which we have operated for several years, has required mitigation measures on any new developments to reduce their impact on the local area, including EV charging points for dedicated parking spaces, sustainable transport plans and the development of green spaces.

Tackling air quality is everyone’s responsibility

What changes could you make to improve your overall health and reduce your impact?

Think about walking or cycling for short journeys, or using public transport. Together we can all help to improve air quality in the district.

How to get involved

DEFRA are out for consultation on Environmental targets which include proposed targets for air quality.

Learn more and provide a submission.

Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day takes place in June every year, and aims to highlight the impact that poor air quality can have on our health, with a view to actively improving the air quality in your area.

Find out more about what campaigns we run as part of Clean Air Day.