What happens if my circumstances change?

You should tell us if you have a change in circumstances which may affect your application. If you have not told us about a change in your circumstances, an offer of accommodation may be withdrawn. You can update phone numbers and email addresses from your online account. For less minor changes, such as address, household or health, we will require further information. If there has been a change of circumstances the application will be re-assessed, and the applicant may:

  • Be placed in a higher band
  • Be placed in a lower band
  • Remain in the same band
  • Be removed from the Housing Register

If you do not agree with the band you'rein or have been told you are not eligible to register, you can ask us to review your application. You must do this in writing within 21 days of the date on the decision letter.

You should tell us about any of the following changes.

  • A confirmed pregnancy
  • Any member of the family or any other person on the application who has left your household
  • A change of name
  • An addition to the family (we will need proof of residence and identity)
  • Any change in income or savings
  • Changes in status of accommodation (for example, you have received a notice to quit).

To tell us about any changes, you will need to fill in a change of circumstances form.

If you have changed address, you need to fill in a new application form.